Why dotfiles?

I’ve learned a valuable lesson recently… a .bowerrc file in a parent of a parent of a parent folder can have adverse effects on what I’m doing n folders deep. It took me an hour or so of frustrated Google searches and a half dozen started (but thankfully never submitted) github issue drafts before I […]

Yeoman, AngularJS and PHP

I recently started playing around with Slim.php and trying to build a semi-decoupled AngularJS app with Yeoman and a php restful API. One thing I needed to be able to do was serve the PHP files, which grunt-contrib-connect doesn’t do out of the box. So instead of making connect middleware to do this, I found […]

PHP, MongoDB and MAMP

Wife is out, kids asleep, perfect let’s code. Let’s do something I’ve never done, like write a RESTful endpoint using slim.php and mongoDB. How hard can that be? Wait, what? PHP doesn’t do mongoDB out of the box? K, cool, I gots this. Install driver into MAMP… pecl install mongo … … … 1 error […]