PHP, MongoDB and MAMP

Wife is out, kids asleep, perfect let’s code. Let’s do something I’ve never done, like write a RESTful endpoint using slim.php and mongoDB. How hard can that be? Wait, what? PHP doesn’t do mongoDB out of the box? K, cool, I gots this. Install driver into MAMP… pecl install mongo … … … 1 error […]

I want my old chrome back

Recently Google Chrome changed the launch page from the apps view to their new “New Tab Page” which is just a headless Google search page. That wasn’t cool with me so here is how you go about getting your old Google Chrome apps page back. Open Google Chrome. Open Google Chrome Preferences. Click the Open […]

Dropping sendmail-postfix for msmtp

Apple OS X 10.8 was the worst move I ever made. The mail server issues in 10.8 were well known and I was too impatient to wait for fixes at the time of it’s launch. I’m used to running at the low level of the unix core, configuring mail servers and web servers […]

Cedar trail drm driver in DKMS format

If you use lubuntu–pure lubuntu, not just the lubuntu desktop environment installed over top of an Ubuntu install–then you’ve probably found that installing the proprietary cedarview driver for GMA3600 support can leave your GUI desktop unusable (black, dead, unbootable). Here is the trick for getting things to work. 1. *Before* installing the driver, make a […]