Apple Fanboy to Thinkpad Diehard

Note: I am publishing this relatively unedited post in celebration of ThinkPad’s celebration of 25 years. For about 15 years I was an Apple Fanboy. While I originally learned to program on a CoCo II, then a Unisys ICON, and later on Windows, the Mac operating system and hardware is what allowed me to start … 


Developing for elementary OS

I’ve started a weekly series on YouTube that aims to cover the elementary OS developer documentation in its entirety. Checkout the playlist here.


Manually Update Google Devices on elementary OS

By the time Google announce Android 7.1, my carrier still hadn’t got around to rolling out Android 7 on my Nexus 6. By the time Google Announced 7.1.1, I was just on 7 (which was a giant, crippling turd on the Nexus 6). By the time Google announced 7.1.2 (which I won’t get), I was getting security patches for 7.0.


Install Google Chrome on elementary OS or Ubuntu without the command line

Many tutorials illustrate how to install Google Chrome on elementary OS or Ubuntu using the command line to install various applications.


elementary OS Boot Time After Replacing HDD with SSD

I have an older Asus K55A that I use for distro testing, or at least I did until my daughter claimed it for herself. It’s had elementary OS on it for a while now and since she’s repurposed the laptop for homework I figured she’d appreciate a disk drive upgrade.