Web Development on elementary OS 0.4.0 Loki

Out of the box, Elementary OS doesn’t come with much in the way of a development tool chain. It comes with Scratch, Terminal, Ruby, Python, make, g++, c++ and all the standard fare you might expect on a Linux distro. After all, many Linux apps run on these technologies. What is missing are applications like vim (or Sublime, or Atom), tmux, node.js, Rails, PHP, Vagrant, Docker, mysql, mongodb… all of the tools a web developer might need, depending on the sort of project they are working on.


A Week With Elementary OS Loki 0.4.0

Hands down, from a set-and-forget, home laptop use, Elementary OS 0.4 Loki is the best Linux distribution to ever grace the screen of any of my computers. This is not your power users distro. This is a Mac users Linux, a Windows 10 users Linux. This is the sort of Linux that you happily install and never once need to open a terminal. It’s the first Linux to reach that point, where the user experience, the interface design, the attention to detail and the robustness and stability of the system as a whole, is so tight that any man, woman and child could install and use it.


A Week With Cub Linux 1.0

I’ve never been a fan of XFCE, as far as performance-minded desktop environments go, and the additional frills and touches in Cub Linux don’t make XFCE’s retro awkwardness go away at all. Yes it’s a reasonably attractive desktop at first glance but as soon as you crack the cover, XFCE rears its ugly head.


3 Steps to Fixing Fedora 24+ Font Rendering

First thing I noticed when switching to Fedora from Ubuntu, was the terrible font rendering. So a quick look around led me to a number of solutions, including the subreddit mentioned above, which is the first one I tried and stuck with.


AngularJS RESTful Service Constructor

In my current role, I’m in a situation with numerous developers working on a single, large AngularJS project, with new API’s popping up every day, I want each developer to be able to crank out a new service to consume all the new API’s with little thought or effort. I decided to write a small, extensible RESTful constructor that does just that.