No Blockers: How We Delivered Manulife Bank Mobile

A little over a year and half ago I started working at Manulife with a few mandates; help build a mobile team in Kitchener, build a high performing culture and deliver an all new, Manulife Bank Mobile experience built exclusively on native technologies.

REST API in Slim 3 Framework – Part 1

At work I write microservices in Java w/ Srping Boot or Node.j w/ Express.js or Loopback. At home though I still use PHP since it’s best option supported by cheap, shared hosting plans. PHP has a number of well seasoned frameworks, but I chose Slim for a few reasons

First Week with Ubuntu 17.10

I’ve been an elementary OS user on and off for a few years with the bulk of the last year or more dedicated to the OS. In recent months, however, I’ve been itching to take advantage of the later versions of the GNOME stack. With Ubuntu 17.10 returning to GNOME as their default desktop experience I thought now was the time to try Ubuntu proper again.

Apple Fanboy to Thinkpad Diehard

Note: I am publishing this relatively unedited post in celebration of ThinkPad’s celebration of 25 years. For about 15 years I was an Apple Fanboy. While I originally learned to program on a CoCo II, then a Unisys ICON, and…

Developing for elementary OS

I’ve started a weekly series on YouTube that aims to cover the elementary OS developer documentation in its entirety. Checkout the playlist here.