Candy Bazaar

Dibbleplitz, Zinglesnaps, Cherryquips and pops,
That is what you’ll find in my candy shop.

Isles for miles, as far as you’ll see,
Rows of Quadknocks and Mud Jubilee.

Mucks are my favourite, and Pudd-Ducks are great,
But Whipsniller Fizzbats, I can hardly wait.

If your looking for Thungles, you’ll find them right there,
Behind the Pip Snacks and Faux Angel Hair.

If chewing Scums Gum is your greatest pleasure,
I sell it by the foot, so please, what’s your measure.

And for all those fine kids, who’s mom said they’re naughty,
I sell candied toothpaste to make your teeth rotty.

So girls and boys of all shapes and size,
Come in to my shop, you won’t believe your eyes.

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