Jeremiah Jollyton

Jeremiah Jollyton, a saddened soul was he,
For in the town of Hempleton, he could not drink his tea.

Underneath the oceans mark, a thousand leagues below,
His water would not boil, for too great the pressure’s so.

Hempleton, the folks thereof, were mighty big and strong,
To live so far below the sea, to them, did not seem wrong,

The taps ran ice, from pressure high, four hundred pound per inch!
So great, those folks of Hempleton, that they felt their lives a cinch.

But when it comes to drinking tea, this is where they lack.
Perplexed, they think ideas grand, for this, they had a knack.

Then, thought Jeremiah, to a mountain high atop,
He shall boil his water there, if first his ears don’t pop!

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