The Baddest Girl

I’m the kind of girl who’s always in trouble,
My Daddy gets mad when I won’t leave him be,
He makes me march to my room on the double,
But I can’t help being bad, it’s just me!

Mom says I’m making her red hair turn grey,
Dad says I’m making his hair all fall out,
From dawn until dusk, for the whole of the day,
They give me my way, if they don’t, then I’ll pout.

I stomp and I scream, I make people stare,
I shout and I yell to make people look,
If it wasn’t for strangers, my parent don’t care,
How much of a terrible tantrum I took.

This one time I climbed on the T.V. it’s true,
But when it fell over I knew when to run,
my Daddy came after, said “This time your through!”
I hid in my closet, I thought I was done.

My most favourite thing in the world to do,
Is tiptoe and sneak up on Mommy in bed,
And when she is sleeping, I yell to her “BOO!”,
She leaps from the blankets and falls on her head!

When it comes to my brother, the stories the same,
I get in his face and laugh real loud,
I poke and I prod and I drive him insane,
And call him the names that I’m not allowed.

Why does my family put up with me though,
I must be that cute and witty you see,
If they can not pack up their bags and just go,
The the reason must be that they truly love me.

And I love them too!

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