Willy and Billy

Warthog Willy and Sidekick Billy, were a pair of silly bones,
Said Warthog Willy to Sidekick Billy, “Would you like some tea and scones?”
“Warthog Willy,” replied Sidekick Billy, “I would rather pick my nose,”
To Warthog Willy, continued Billy, “and drink from a garden hose.”

Laughed Warthog Willy, laughed Sidekick Billy. “Oh my, I do declare,”
From Warthog Willy, for Sidekick Billy, “that I would rather eat my hair!”
“Further,” Willy, carried on to Billy, “I would completely swallow my hat!”
At Warthog Willy, asked Sidekick Billy, “What would be wrong with that?”