Magic Land

A little boy and his unicorn, in a magic land they be,
Stopped to rest from a magic quest, beneath a magic tree.

“Exuse,” said he, the magic tree, “your stepping on my boot.”
And sure enough, when they got up, a boot was on his root.

“Why do you wear a boot, when you have no place to go,”
Said the boy, “I may not be too bright, but at least this much I know.”

Said the unicorn to the boy, “Because he’s got ambition,
“so he’s running on the spot to help him with his weight loss mission.”

“He can’t lose weight,” exclaimed the boy, “I can’t see how he’d do.”
“The tree might think he’s hefty, but he’s slight for 102.”

The unicorn and the little boy, heard the old tree say
“The boot is on my root to stop you crushing it all day!”