Alphabet for bedtime


A is for all my kids who I tuck into bed,
B is for best wishes and a kiss on the head.

C is for cuddles at night when you fret,
D is for a drink of water you’ll get.

E is for every time you get scared in the night,
F is for fearless when I ward off your fright.

G is for giggles when I tickle you tummy,
H is for the hugs that you give to your mommy.

I is for the interesting stories you tell,
J is for just one more story you’ll tell.

K is kidding with a smile and a wink,
L is for laughing when I stare and don’t blink.

M is for many miles travelled in a book,
N is for noticing how tired you look.

O is for overtired when your day has been long,
P is for “please won’t you sing me a song?”

Q is for “Quiet! Your sister is sleeping.”
R is for resting your tired eyes from peeping.

S is for sleeping the whole night away,
T is for tomorrow, a brand new day.

U is for upset when I turn out the light,
V is for very upset when I tell you good night.

W is for wishing on an evening star,
X is for ‘xplaining what those stars really are.

Y is for “Yes dear, it is now time for bed.”,
Z is for the ZZZZZZ soon to be filling your head.