Tigers and Monkeys Took Over My Room

Tigers and monkeys took over my room,
Just when mommy had given me the broom,
To clean up the mess all over my floor,
That got so deep, she couldn’t open my door.

Elephants and giraffes got in my way,
And stopped me from cleaning so I could play,
I tried to say no but what could I do,
When into my room marched the whole zoo.

Iguanas and eagles fought at my feet,
I had work to do but they wanted to eat,
So I said, “Enough, enough! Get out of my room!”
“My mother will kill me if I don’t clean up soon!”

Bears and big horns knocked me flat on my butt,
With all this commotion, my mom said, “What’s up!”
I must be in trouble, I am certainly doomed,
For the whole day has passed, and I haven’t cleaned my room.