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In case you didn’t already know this, I love TextMate! There is no other text editor for the Mac the comes remotely close. Don’t try to refute me on this or I’ll strike you down with my hand coded php saber… er.. I mean… never mind.

Well today I love TextMate even more. Yes that is possible. Today I found two ridiculously cool bundles to enhance the built in HTML and CSS bundles (if you don’t know what a TextMate bundle is then go away and never come back, you are no friend of mine). These bundles take all the repetition out tagging your markup or building you css. Seriously! All the repetition… GONE!

Let me put it to you this way. In web design, coding a nav list can be tedious work; you have your ul, your li’s, your id’s, your classes, your anchors, and all the attributes and values to go along with this… then you have to close it all. I’ve learned a few TextMate shortcuts to make this a bit quicker, but with the HTML bundle from Minimal Design it’s as simple as typing your page names, selecting them and performing a shortcut key binding and you’re done. Imagine this type of workflow all throughout everything you do in you web development. Having intelligent ways to get every common routine done is my kind of thinking.

And what about the CSS plugin? Oh please don’t even get me started on how brilliant that one is. I am already a big CSSEdit fan but there are times in a in a project, particularly in a RapidWeaver theme, where I want to have full access and control of all the files that I am working on in one window, more or less. That said, mind you, I have always found editing CSS in TextMate doable, but not lightning quick like CSSEdit. However, the brilliant mind behind this CSS bundle for TextMate made CSS editing a pure joy. Type one character of a property, press tab, then select from a list of likely choices. It not only finishes the property for you, but completes the whole line including the value. Tweek the value numbers a bit and you’ve written a whole line of CSS in two to three key strokes. CSSEdit can’t touch that kind of speed (but TextMate can’t touch CSSEdit’s grouping architecture so tit for tat).

I know in RapidWeaver theme development I am forever creating and perfecting markup pages that coincide nicely with template css files and vice-versa. These two bundles are going to rock my workflow like nothing else before it. If you spend any time in web design at all, you owe it to yourself to check these bundles out or at least watch the movie.

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