Twitterish coming to save the day?

Twitterish. Coming Soonish for Mac OS X and iPhone.

I’m not one for feeding the hype machines and usually find them a bit bloated, pompous and often fall flat on their faces once the actual product that has been the subject of said hype machine is a total dud, or at least doesn’t live up to the hype. But I caught wind of one such quiet little hype seed on Twitter one day when I was checking out to see who my Twitter friends were following. I found one called Twitterish that a few of my friends were keeping tabs on. I followed a few leads and found a Twitterish website and flickr page.

So why am I latching on to this hype machine? The one thing I hate about Twitter is the clients available for it. I am sorry to have to say this but Twitterific is a piece of crap. I mean sure, the Twitter service itself is partly to blame for the apps crapness, but the app itself lacks (or buries) so many features available in the service that it makes it frustrating to use. It’s no secret that I am a Jaiku fan and a fan of the Juhu client. I think that Twitter should work the same. I have tried countless Twitter clients and all of them worked with varying success. One of my favorites for a while was Spaz.air, but with continual changes in the Mac OS and Spaz, and AIR itself, I felt I was in a constant state of “catch-up”.

So now I catch wind of this supposed Twitterish Twitter client and I am thinking that it’s about time someone came along with something new and stable and feature rich. I have no idea if Twitterish is any of these, but I figure Twitter has matured enough and proven itself to be a platform that people are going to stick with for some time that the market must be ripe for the picking. It must be time for someone to come out with a serious client that is stable, functional and accountable for itself. Here’s to hoping for a substantial Twitter client with meat on the bones.

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