Configuring TextMate SQL to play with MAMP

I want to preface this by saying that I might be totally ass backwards in doing this but I had a need and I answered it. So before you try what I am about to tell you, be warned, if this totally obliterates your computer, project, or anything at all… it’s not my fault!

Ok, here is my needs, part 1; I run [MAMP]( “living-e AG: MAMP – Mac – Apache – MySQL – PHP”) on my system to develop web projects locally. I use MAMP because it has more up to date versions of [Apache]( “Welcome! – The Apache Software Foundation”), [PHP]( “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”) and [MySQL]( “MySQL AB :: The world’s most popular open source database”) and I can update any of those on the fly at any time. It’s great that OS X has all of this pre installed (save for the MySQL), but it just isn’t very fast and I’ve always felt that by banging on the these system services I can potentially harm my system as a whole. With MAMP, I can bang on the innards of it’s services all I want and only worry about breaking that which resides in the MAMP folder.

My needs, part 2; I am a heavy, heavy [TextMate]( “TextMate — The Missing Editor for Mac OS X”) user and as it happens, TextMate is a brilliant SQL editor which allows for complex queries to be written in a comfortable editor (as opposed to the very linear and executed in a sexy little browser. The problem with is that TextMate presumes you will compile your MySQL server in the standard location and configuration (/usr/local/mysql/), where as MAMP puts it all in it’s own folder located in the Applications folder (/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/).

What I have found is that TextMate want’s to access the socket (mysql.sock) in the /tmp/ folder (buried in the /private/ folder on the hard drive), but I know the MAMP socket is located at /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/. So I thought I would try making an alias of this socket in the /tmp/ folder for TextMate to find. And it worked.


First, open terminal, then type in the following line to create the link (this is based on the assumption that you already have a /tmp/ folder which you should):

`sudo ln -s /Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock /tmp/mysql.sock`

Next, you want to change the owner:

`sudo chown _mysql /tmp/mysql.sock`

And lastly the permissions:

`sudo chmod 777 /tmp/mysql.sock`

Now from the SQL bundle preferences in TextMate, add your server and database info (assuming you have already created a database). Remember that by default, MAMP MySQL administration is set to user: root, password: root (yikes, you might want to change that). It would look something like this:
![How it should look in the TextMate SQL server prefernces](

That’s it! Now you can freely execute SQL queries from TextMate using your MAMP MySQL engine.

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