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Here is a quick little tip that surprisingly few mac people know about, switchers and veterans alike. I’m sure Windows users and most Mac users will be familiar with the alt-tab(windows)/cmd-tab(mac) method of app switching, if not, just try it. You’ll see a heads up display of your running apps which you can tab to or mouse to in order to select a running app to bring to the front.

![alt tab shot]( “alt tab shot”)
But what many people aren’t aware of is the fact that you can use this method as a quick way to quit a bunch of apps. On a Mac, simply cmd-tab to the app you want to quit and while still holding the cmd key, press the “q” key and that app will quit right then and there. Keep depressing the cmd key to quit other apps as you go. It’s that simple.


Adam Merrifield


4 thoughts on “Cmd-tab and quit

  1. I know this one, but don’t understand why it’s working on my old iBook G4 since 10.3 and all updates, and not on the iMac Intel I’m working on at the office. Can’t find any Preference that can change this. Can someone help ? it’s so useful…

  2. Sorry , I just found, on my spanish QWERTY iBook and the french AZERTY iMac, I have to push the same key, so A on th efrench keyboard. Very bad at apple not having changed the ASCII code corresponding. BOUUUUHHHHHH

  3. @mathieu that is odd isn’t it! You could use QuickSilver to remap the key sequence to something more desirable.

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