The spring dusting

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Can you smell that? Can you smell the spring air, the wet grass, the warming days? You know what this means? Yup, it’s time for me to dust of the camera gear and start prepping for a summer of weddings in the Kitchener area. My mind has far from staled over the winter though. I have been keeping up on a number of blogs to keep my gear on the up and up and my mind on new techniques.

I have been keeping my ear to the ground at both Photography Bay and Alpha Tracks to stay on top of what is going on with Sony gear (the system I have been entrenched in for more than 15 years). I am watching to see what new Sony bodies come out before I have to shoot my first wedding of the season. I don’t know that I would upgrade but I am dying for a vertical grip so there is definitely a possibility.

I have also been steady checking out Leggnet Photography and Scott Kelbys Photo Insider for inspiration and the latest industry news and techniques.

I have also been happily listening to This Week In Photography with Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay. Though it is a tad remedial for pro’s, it is nice to sit and listen in on their conversations. They do, at times, have me jumping up and screaming at times, especially when they constantly insist that wedding photographers will someday shoot flashless weddings as the ISO ratings continue to climb… uhh… NO! We use flash for the quality of light, not the quantity. How I would love to shoot every wedding in the precious moments before dusk but the reality, most weddings occur when the sun is high in the sky casting deep dark shadows into the eye sockets. So no worries Alex, flashes are here to stay.

Now as you can see my winter was not a restful one. In addition to keeping abreast of the photography community my work with seyDoggy trudged on. New websites, new blogs, new articles… that is something I hope to continue here soon, writing articles. I have collected a number of topics that I think could use some clarification so look for at least a few new tidbits from me in the this coming wedding season.