An intro to all that is, was and shall be

Well today marks a new day for me and the scattered contents of my brain. I am a web designer dabbling in web development, who can draw a mean icon or logo and who has more to say and write then your average politician. I have things to say, things to teach, things to get off my chest and so much of it is too eclectic to keep in one place… until now that is.

Today marks the day that I can pool my collective thoughts into this… thought storm. Interesting? Probably not. Connected? Only by a common author and common web of interest; web, design, code, internet, photography, imagery, Macs, productivity……….

So what’s the point. None really. I just thought it would be a cool little mirror into my daily internet activity. From my own standpoint it serves as a gauge as to where and when my brain is at any given moment. Will it be embarrassing? I don’t expect I will tag too many porn sites in, but there might be the odd view I will express, totally unrehearsed, not researched and uneducated that I will likely come to regret in the hours that ensue. Luckily you will get to capture it all here.

Without further adieu, welcome to