The not-so-partisan box to stand on

Day 2 into the new collective thought storm and I am already imagining the possibilities. For starters I need to write an xml file so I can offer a feed for the collective page. Then I have a few ideas from there. Nothing big.

So I need a platform to bark from. One that is not so “tied”, if you will, to any given company (I own a few and work for a few more)n and this site,, is perfect for that. It allows me to pimp everything I do for everybody without appearing to be a “partisan” of one company of the other (I got in trouble for that once). So why is this important? Well I work on a great number of projects and many of them are for other companies. I don’t talk about them on my “other” sites more because it would look inappropriate. I don’t talk about from “their” sites because they don’t have a place for me to do so nor would I have such standing.

Here I can be just Adam Merrifield; guy of many talents. Speaking of which, I have to run. I have a website to build, one to update, 5 graphics to get done, a theme to market…