These eyes two separate views shall meet

My wife just got me up from a 10 minute power nap (handy having her around for that) from which I was having the strangest dream/experience. Obviously you can’t get into too deep of a sleep in 10 minutes time so I am sure I must have been half in, half out (the twilight zone if you will) when my semi conscious brain realized it was only visualizing from my right eye. The left eye was blacked out. Of course to my semi conscious brain this translated into being “blind” in the left eye, which got me worried. So, half awake, half asleep, I opened my left eye, arousing my brain into a slightly more conscious state allowing me to come to the realization that I was not blind. I just had my eyes closed… both of them.

I thought nothing more of it until my wife woke me up minutes later. It became somewhat interesting to me that one eye could be fully engaged in the dream world while the other stayed behind in the conscious one. I’ll have to look into that more someday, but for now it was just an interesting experience worthy of some square footage on the web.

Back to work then?