The Saturday coffee… mmm


Like Pavlov’s dog, my mouth waters when I here the sound of my morning java trickle from my carafe to my coffee cup. It’s an almost unexplainable joy to see that steam rise up, the wafting aromatic sent of dark roasted beans, the brown and beige tones swirling together as the coffee and cream combine. Coffee is truly one of those adult routines that really warrants excusing ones self from the rest of life for 10 minutes or so.

What makes a Saturday coffee any different than the rest of the week? My days are all the same more or less. I work from home so a Saturday coffee should feel no different. I guess the bussle of having the kids about, the cartoons on, the smell of cooking breakfast… a Saturday coffee allows me to tune out the commotion for that 10 minutes. Peace.

Don’t you want one now?