Welcome to seyDoggy 2008

website designWell I have great news and almost great news. As you can see, seyDoggy 2008 is alive and kicking (that’s the great news)! It’s been totally rebuilt from the ground up, as you can see, and has been streamlined somewhat, to reflect the usage patters that I saw come across the site over the last few years. I’ve cut away a lot of the cruft and trimmed it down to the stuff you seem to care about most; the blog and the portfolio.

Here’s the almost great news; I was hoping to tell you about a great new site we made for a great new client of ours who makes great products for the iPhone, but… erm… that nasty old NDA got in the way. This time it was Apple vs. my client and not me (phew!) but just the same the site launch has been put on hold until the legal bit and bobs can be sorted out with Apple. It is great news none the less because I am just so please with it’s out come that I just can’t wait for you to see it. Hopefully the coming week will shine some new hope on a release date.

So let me know what you think of the new seyDoggy.com!