We finally launched seyDesign 2008

seyDesign%202008Did you hear that? That was the sigh of relief heard around the world. Why? Because I just launched the biggest site porting I have ever done in my career with nothing more than a few typo’s to sully to good name of seyDoggy. In case you’ve missed the buzz, I am talking about the LONG awaited seyDesign 2008 relaunch, a rather large on-line store and resource that sells RapidWeaver themes.

On the surface it doesn’t look like such a big deal right? But underneath it all is a site that consists of more than 280 pages which include product write-ups, downloads, support areas, contact forms and store pages. Nearly all of this was rebuilt from the ground up; new copy, new graphics, new style, new typography… a ton of work! But the most challenging in any site relaunch is not have any broken or orphaned links, files or downloads. So far I have only managed one broken download link. Not bad out of 280+ pages.

Now that I have this monster behind me, it’s time to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend the best I know how… CAMPING! I will catch you all again on July 2. w00t!

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