1 out of 4 (CPU’s) ain’t bad

1 out of 4 (CPU's) ain't bad

With it being summer and the air condition on (and everyone being all up in everyone else’s grill ‘bout the environment) I have decide to turn off all but one of my processors in hopes of saving a few coins on the hydro bill. I used to do this back in OS X 10.4 but CPU management seemed a bit buggy and I had more than a few K-panics which put an end to the practice. It all seems a great deal smoother in OS X 10.5 and so far I can report that, with the exception of video compression, it would really seam as though 4 cores and a Mac Pro are really wasted on a web designer. Apart from getting a little chuggy with Adobe AI and PS running things have been running very smooth. I might run this way all year. Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch