Enter The Web

developing%20blindI took a support call from a customer one time and it came up in conversation that he uses WYSIWYG web editors such as RapidWeaver or DreamWeaver to visualize what he is doing with his web designs. He then asked me what I use… “Nothing,” I replied, “not until I am done, pretty much.”

Baffled, he asked how I could possibly grasp what was going on without seeing it in from of me. I proceeded to compare it to a musician reading sheet music. The musician doesn’t need to here the music to know what it will sound like when performed off the sheet. That analogy did nothing form him.

I then drew the comparison to The Matrix, “You know when there are watching all those characters fall on the screen, but to them it paints a picture of what’s going on in there? It’s the same thing for me (and most web designers I imagine).”

“Wow!” he says, “So you can just see it in your head?”


“Cool,” he says, contemplatively, “can you fly too?”

Sadly no.