I <3 my Droplet

Sometimes we web guys move towards the odd, the sublime and sometimes the ridiculous. I’m not sure which these Droplets fall under but it is one of those indulgences that only another designer can understand. Well I ordered four of these droplets, one for each of the kids and one for myself. Don’t know why really, I just love them. Perhaps it’s the character of their designer, Gavin Strange, that drew me to them.

I have known of and on occasion talked with Gavin, an accomplished and renowned designer of all things colorful. Gavin has even had a write up in the Apple Pro profiles section of their website so that tells you how serious his work is taken. But Gavin, as I see it, is quite a humble guy on the web. I follow his on-goings on Twitter and he is just a regular guy.

When these Droplets were released in a limited run a few months back I missed out by a hair. So when the official launch happened last week I was quick to snatch up my four gleaming little buddies. The hardest part will be giving the other three up to the kids.