cataLog, RapidWeaver and good timing

cataLog_safari_309w_261hWow! I am blown away by the response to our latest theme cataLog Pro. In what I think is both a case of timing and luck, cataLog Pro for RapidWeaver 4.0 has surpassed any other theme in our library for initial launch numbers. Timing being a factor for a few reasons:

  • RapidWeaver 4.0 is fresh in peoples minds
  • There is a lot of new activity and 3rd party development surrounding RapidWeaver
  • There are a great deal of new users
  • RapidWeaver is fast approaching critical mass

And as always, luck can always play a big part in these things. Some themes I’ve made in the past have been the right idea at the wrong time and have picked up more and more as time went on. cataLog Pro seems to be a case of the right idea at the right time. This, apparently, was a theme that fit the bill for so many people with a need for it at that moment. I’ve received countess emails to that effect, “This is exactly what I needed for a project I was starting.”

With RapidWeaver really taking off as it has off late, I really ought to do another talk at WatRMUG (Waterloo Regional Mac Users Group) and reintroduce the Kitchener-Waterloo users to website building, the RapidWeaver way.