Can't do nuttin' for ya man!

chuck%20D%20on%20a%20macThis is about as dorky as I’ll ever get… erm… well anyway, back in the day when I was about 15 or so (19 years ago *sigh*) and heavy into the budding gangsta rap scene, I went to a club in Waterloo, Ontario called The Twist (now Revolution night club) to see this guy, Chuck D and Public Enemy. Though it’s all a part of my past now I still like to break out the odd P.E. track and get down wit’ mu bad self (as bad as a 34 year old white guy from Kitchener, Ontario is going to get I guess).

To this day me and an OLD buddy of mine will, without reason, randomly email each other once or twice a year with snippets or full course lyrics to P.E. tracks we listened to in the days gone by. Today a Flavor Flav track came up in my iTunes, Can’t do nuttin’ for ya man, and I set out to get the lyrics and send them off to my buddy. That’s when I discovered on the front page of the Public Enemy website, Chuck D using a mac!

Erm… yeah… there is really no connection I am trying to make here… just that he was my hero growing up… I use a Mac… he uses a Mac… OK, shut up already, I KNOW I’m a dork. You don’t HAVE to rub it in! 🙂