Join the March, kill IE6

IE%20Death%20MarchDesigners have talked about it for years, while some big names in the industry have already taken action, even the little guys are taking a stand… the message has never been more clear; it’s time to stop supporting IE6.

So that’s when I come across IE Death March, a site calling for action against the support of Internet Explorer 6, a 7 year old browser. In this post, site creator, M. Dave Auayan urges web designers and developers to cease support for IE6 by March 2009.

In that time, we will be taking a long hard look at browser stats to see if the numbers support this action. The last thing we want to do is alienate a large section of people, but we also don’t want to be continually held back in our design visions simply because a nearly decade old browser can’t keep up. I know one thing for sure, IE6 support will become a billed-for feature.