Welcome to the new RW Updates

RW%20Updates%20oldAt long last I have finally updated this old beast of a website. It started out as more of a personal thing, wanting to keep all my themes and plugins up to date without having to search everyones blog for them. It’s become a fairly popular resource from what I can tell and I know quite a few people rely on it.

So it was about time I got around to redesigning it to be more inline with todays RapidWeaver 4 (as opposed to the now stale RapidWeaver 3.6 look it had been carrying for a while now). Refreshing the design wasn’t the only thing I did though, I have also cleaned up the code as best I could, removed all of the iframe elements in favor of objects and tweaked a big chunk of the css to make things a little prettier all around.

I hope you like it.