Double homicide… erm… insecticide?

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Double homicide… erm… insecticide?, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

The girls and I were out for a walk this morning when suddenly a great big blue ball of buzzing noise came out of the bush and bumbled across our path. Our gaze followed the buzzing blur until it came to an abrupt stop on the other side of the path, apparently in mid air. In fact, the blue ball was 2 giant flies tangled together and their sudden stop was do to the unfortunate meeting with a spider web and it’s occupant.

The spider wasted no time ending what ever quarrel the two winged creatures were having who seemed to have forgotten what it was they were going on about. What ever it was seemed to pail in comparison to their current predicament.

The fly at the bottom left has already been taken care, immobilized, having a time-out, if you will. The fly at the top right is still putting up a fight, trying to beat the spider off with it’s flapping wings while the spider calmly whispers rational reasonings in the fly’s ear.

It was quite an exciting few minutes for the girls. I would have liked to stay long enough to watch the spider tuck the fly’s into their silk sheets for the night, but my youngest was showing an interest in petting the spider. I thought it was best we keep moving on.

This photograph was taken in Huron Natural Area, Kitchener, Ontario with my Sony DSLR-A100 with a Minolta 28mm f2.8 with an effective focal length of 42mm. This shot was handheld and underexposed by 1.5 stop to get a faster exposer while still using ISO 200. The image was then cropped and the exposure compensated for.