The Grand View

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The Grand View, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

One of my daughters and I went for a walk in Homer Watson Park this afternoon to get some fresh air and expose her to the park that her late Grand Uncle loved so dear. For a man who lived life with so much flare and passion, it seemed only fitting for him to pass on in such a majestic place. To live on in eternity with such a grand view before him.

It’s been 6 or 7 years since his passing. Sadly my daughter never knew him, but when I told her today that this was one of her Grand Uncle’s favorite places, a wonderful calm came over her. She immediately loved this place. Her Grand Uncle would have cherished my wonderful spark of a daughter. We sometimes wonder if there wasn’t a little bit of his soul somehow caught up in hers.

Before leaving the woods today, my daughter exclaimed that this is her “most favorite place ever”, she would like to come here every day. Call it genetics, call it spirits, call it just dumb luck… I call it wonderful that the Grand Uncle with whom she would have been most attached, can have so much to share with her, without having met.