seyDoggy teams up with

alt textIt’s always a sign of progress when a company forges new relationships and we are not the exception to that rule. A couple of months ago, seyDoggy and started talks to bring a vision of to life. A little over a month ago a deal was inked to turn a concept design of’s Chris Cifonie into a full featured RapidWeaver theme.

alt textToday, the fruits of that collaboration were launched in the form of a seyDesign RapidWeaver theme called DEViANT Pro. Thanks to Chris’ vision and our technical know-how we have managed to make a RapidWeaver theme unlike many out there. It’s clean, simple and open feeling yet under the hood lies a powerful beast capable of changing to your every whim.

The biggest struggle in making the original vision a reality was making the layout “soft” or flexible, while still maintaining a graphically driven feel. This was done with the use of several transparency tricks and background colors combined to give maximum control with graphic polish. The end result is a theme with width variations, full color control and a handful of other great features that should please the most particular RapidWeaver users. Not content to stop there, we found a great opportunity to take this theme one step further and add 3 tier split navigation to this already awesome theme.

All in all we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of this theme and I must say it was a pleasure to work with Chris Cifonie on this project. His designs are a treat bring to life.