Remnants of the old Doon Mill

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Remnants of the old Doon Mill, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

I don’t know the story about the 1839 Doon Mill in Kitchener, or the dam that was made there or the mill race or the resulting Willow Lake (which is now ball diamond, trail and playground), but I do suspect that some of the debris and concrete and stone in the creek are some left-overs from that era. Regardless they make for some interesting shots with lots of places for water to run about.

I took this shot thinking that is somewhat resembled a shot I took years ago that ended up in the New York Institute of Photography Archives. I didn’t have my tripod with me to the shot was handheld by luckily the Sony has the anti-shake which made things a lot clearer than they would have been otherwise.

Photographed with a Sony DSLR-A100, with a Sigma EX 28-70mm f2.8 at an effective focal length of 105mm.