Film and the days gone by

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Film and the days gone by, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

So I am still in the process of cataloguing all of my old photo disks, you know, the ones with all my scanned film? Man do I miss that stuff. I miss the grain, the color reproduction the continuity in all the old rules. It used to be when you went out on a sunny day you brought the film that was color balanced and ISO rated to suite your needs. Some of you might remember the sunny f16 rule.

Now it’s auto this and guestulate that. I mean all the same rules applied but now you can change on the fly. Not enough light for ISO 100? Change it. Moving from daylight to open shade? Change it. It’s all for the better I suppose but I miss the simpler days where a histogram was more likely something the doctor might administer.

This was an engagement session nearly 5 years, shot on film, looks like Kodak Portra, using a Minolta Maxxum 7. It was photographed in one of my favorite locations in Kitchener, Monarch Woods.