Preston from on high

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Preston from on high, originally uploaded by seyDoggy.

I have written about Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3 in the past and I seriously can’t stress enough how it has really changed my process and workflow. I may not consciously approach each and every image with the system in mind, but instead, Scott Kelby’s system has allowed me to identify what I think is lacking and what it is that I would like to see different.

I now look at an image and immediately identify what I can change and improve and how to go about that quickly and efficiently. I have control now in ways that I thought impossible. I can now use images that I would have previously thrown away. I now deliberately underexpose many shots knowing that I can do more with hidden details in the dark then I can with burnt out highlights.

If you look at the before and after (before being in the right) of this shot you see that I was able to turn a dull, dreary, under exposed photograph into a lively, dramatic, colorful landscape full of emotion and accurately reflecting the impression that was burned upon me that morning. And that’s what really sums it up. It’s not about the limitation of what you can capture but the freedom to bring your visions to life.

This was photographed at Homer Watson Park in Kitchener, Ontario, with a tripod mounted Sony DSLR-A100 and a Sigma EX 28-70mm f2.8