Path Finder 5, thank you

It’s funny, nearly ironic that I bother to write a blog about Mac productivity when in actual fact there is little about the Mac operating system that I like at face value. When you look at what most people like the Mac for, ease of use with things like Finder and spotlight, and I use neither one, instead opting for alternatives like Path Finder and QuickSilver respectively.

But some of these tools can fall victim to Apples own drive to improve it’s OS, leaving some of these tools behind to die a slow death. This is certainly true if QuickSilver, and so too I feared for Path Finder. Until last week when CocoaTech announced the release of Path Finder 5, the long awaited version that would finally take FULL advantage of everything that Leapard has to offer.

Having been out of the country for nearly two weeks I was unable to get into it until Monday. I must say I am completely pleased with the new version which sees many major operational and interface improvements. One can’t help but notice it’s smoother handling and faster reaction time.

One welcome feature is that the favorites panel, it’s sidebar, will now acutarely reflect that of the Finder. Path Finder will also recognize the shared places items, such shared volumes, without you fist having to mount them in Finder.

For more, check out CocoaTech’s website.