From pixels to paper, we're getting noticed

Design by exampleThere is no greater flattery than to be made an example of so when we were asked some time ago if we would consent to being published in DesignMeltdown’s, The Web Designer’s Idea Book, I was truly honored.

Today, I received my copy in the mail and was thrilled to find these kind words on page 102 along side a screen shot on page 103:

"A great example of a unified design is the seyDesign site. It has an office theme, and everything flows together perfectly. The corkboard background creates a terrific foundation to tie the site together. It essentially gives the office supplies a place to exist."

Of course this isn’t how the site looks today, but for this 2007 iteration of to be forever immortalized in print is a true sense of accomplishment. All in all, RapidWeaver developers as a whole had a good showing in this book with various sites. Adam from Elixir Graphics has already written about his contributions. and I’ve heard there are more, I just haven’t had time to look through each page yet.

To get yourself a copy of this most excellent web design resource, go to