The Secret Revealed

thesecretrailroadFor the last few years my wife and I have searched in vain for a TV show I watched as a child. I only had the vaguest of memories about; a boy, a train, a black cat, an old man… We googled with all out mite and never got the answer we were looking for. Perhaps it was our lack of Google prowess on such matters. But every six months, without fail, some cartoon the kids would watch or some piece of music or random sound effect would trigger some distant memory of this old show and off I would go again, in search of the faintest glimmer of an answer to what had become my greatest mystery.

Tonight was just such a night where a certain phrase in a show the kids were watching set my mind adrift, back to the days of that boy, the old man, the cat, the train… So I went to search once again, hoping that this time I would have some luck. And wouldn’t you know it, within minutes I was presented with another blogger who was on a similar mission who had found his answer just a few months ago; The Secret Railroad!!!

Now that I have a name I stand a chance of getting my hands on some archive copies to that I can show my kids what I watched when I was their age. Wish me luck!