YourHead launches Stacks 1.0

StacksFellow RapidWeaver developer, Isaiah of [YourHead Software]( “YourHead Software”) announced today that [Stacks]( “Stacks”), a fluid layout plugin for [RapidWeaver]( “RapidWeaver 4 – Powerful Web Design Software for Mac OS X”), is now official, hitting the big version 1.0. Those of you familiar with YourHead’s previous heavy hitting page layout tool, [Blocks]( “Blocks”), will immediately recognize what this RapidWeaver plugin is all about, but the two are as different as night and day.

Don’t get me wrong, Blocks is a brilliant feat of plugin engineering and is the life blood of literally throngs of RapidWeaver users unable to do such layouts on their own. But it’s not a plugin that ever fit my web design sensibilities. The web is fluid, ever changing, growing, shrinking… for me, Blocks was too rigid.

Enter Stacks; a completely fluid, flexible, drag’n’drop all about layout tool for RapidWeaver that can generate oodles stacked up, blocked up, split up, embedded here and there kind of page layouts that only a pocket full of hand coded snippets could achieve perviously. Just like Blocks, Stacks allows to drop in text, HTML, images and whatnot, but then it allows to stacks onto stacks and those onto more stacks. You can make columns, columns in columns, columns where one column is an image, one is some code, one is some text, etc… drag that under some more columns… before you know it, you’ve got your very own [960 Grid System]( “960 Grid System”) built into a RapidWeaver plugin.

If you are looking for the ultimate in flexible page layout with RapidWeaver, go [check out Stacks]( “Stacks”). There are some great movies demonstrating the raw power of it and there is also and [Stacks API]( “Stacks Library API – YourHead”) if you’re interested in creating a custom Stacks library or two.