Stacks plus ExtraContent; it's a new Stacks Library item

ExtraContent and StacksSo did you here the news? Possibly the most exciting thing to happen to themes, plugins and RapidWeaver all at one time! Back a couple of months ago we introduced you to ExtraContent, the new way of getting more out of the available RapidWeaver content areas. And a little while ago, YourHead Software introduced Stacks, a new way of building your page layouts in RapidWeaver. Then recently YourHead Software announced the the API that goes along with Stacks so that developer can build custom stacks to add to your Stacks Library. Are you with me here?

So what do you get when you put it all together? A custom stack made for ExtraContent enabled themes! Now you can access your ExtraContent areas of your ExtraContent enabled themes from the comfort of the Stacks interface. Utilize the layout power and elegance of Stacks to build exceptional ExtraContent layouts without having to so much look at a snippet or piece of code.

Here is the best part, the ExtraContent Stacks plugin is free. All you need is Stacks, and ExtraContent enabled theme and this custom ExtraContent stack and you have a world of possibilities in your hands.

Learn more about the [ExtraContent Stacks plugin here]( “ExtraContent Tutorials”), watch the [tutorial here]( “ExtraContent Tutorials”), download the [ExtraContent Stacks plugin here]( “ExtraContent Downloads – snippets, Stacks plugins…”) and get YourHead Softwares [Stacks for RapidWeaver]( “Stacks”).