AppTrap; the unistaller that makes sense

One thing that’s become increasingly important to me over the years is uninstallers. If an app doesn’t come with one I am reluctant to install it. It became painfully clear recently just how much crap application leave behind when you are done with them and banish them to the trash.

In the last few years a number of apps have cropped up that not only remove the app, but all of it’s associated plist files and folders and what ever peripherals the app has added to your system. I have been using AppZapper for no better reason than in was there, packaged with some Delicious Generation bundle of the time (probably Macheist), but it always struck me as odd that I would have to open an app to move another app to the trash. I presume it’s just to show off their artwork and screen flashy effect more than any practical reason. But to me it just seems like one step too many.

In my hunt for something smarter, I came across AppTrap. This just makes sense to me. It sits in waiting, in your preference pain and if you happen to drop an app in the trash, it pops up and asks if you to get rid of the other crud that goes with it. How smart is that?