One of My Favorite Herbs

Drying CelantroKnow what this is? Only one of the finest herbs the planet! This is some cilantro (coriander) that I have been drying for a few weeks. I intend to crush it up into powder for the cupboard as well as mix some with some curry powder and olive oil for a ready-made curry paste with an aromatic punch.

This paste is great for for Tai Red Curry Soups. The cilantro counters the excessive sweetness that the coconut milk brings to the soup.

I don’t just dry my cilantro though. Some of gets used fresh (or course the best way), but because cilantro comes in such huge bunches I will often chop it up and store it in the fridge, packed in olive oil. This way it’s ready to be added by the spoonful to any dish and it’s almost as good as fresh.

Here is a tip for making the kids palettes a little more sophisticated; try adding a teaspoon of chopped cilantro to their Kraft Dinner. If their anything like my kids, they will love it.