Enabling Double Arrows in the Scroll Bar

Ohh, ohh, ohh, I can’t forget this one! This is one of those options you forgot you enabled with a utility like [Onyx](http://www.titanium.free.fr/pgs/english.html “Titanium Software”). So when you go and do your clean install of OS X and realize that some things are just not the same as they were, it’s the the little things like having double arrows at the top and bottom (or left and right) of a scroll bar that you miss.

Having vowed to take matters into my own hands with this install and being acutely aware of every system hack I make, I am documenting everything I do (on this blog) and I am making sure it’s something I can control via the terminal. So, instead of using Onyx, here is the terminal hack for enabling double arrows in your scroll bars:

defaults write "Apple Global Domain" AppleScrollBarVariant DoubleBoth

If you ever need to go back you just open the System Preferences (`/Applications/System Preferences.app`), click on appearance and choose one of the two defaults from “Place scroll arrows:”; “Together” or “At top and bottom”.