LittleSnapper Touch Is Soon to Hit Realmac Lineup

[LittleSnapper Touch from Realmac Software]( “Realmac Software Blog – RapidWeaver News”)[This looks interesting]( “Realmac Software Blog – RapidWeaver News”), a companion iPhone application to [LittleSnapper]( “LittleSnapper – Screen and Web Snapping for Mac OS X Leopard”) (desktop Mac app) and [QuickSnapper]( “Welcome to QuickSnapper image hosting |”) (web based snapshot sharing). It’s yet to be released but the new app, dubbed *LittleSnapper Touch* promises to allow the user to snap photos and webpages (or parts of them) and then post them to QuickSnapper.

Anyone familiar with QuickSnapper will be aware that you will, in turn, be able to pull down those snaps into the desktop version of LittleSnapper with a simple click of the “Send to LittleSnapper” button. It’s not clear yet whether there will be any syncing option that will negate this step. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.