30 Minutes With DrawIt

30 minutes with DrawItSome apps you know are just put together well right from the start. They look right, they feel right, they are intuitive… Adobe hasn’t made such a product yet and my frustration of having to shell out hundreds of dollars every few years for a few minor upgrades to what is still complete rubbish has lead me to finally explore my horizons. My search lead me to [DrawIt](http://bohemiancoding.com/ “Bohemian Coding”) ($38) from Bohemian Coding about a month ago.

I had seen DrawIt in the past and was impressed then but my anger with Adobe had not fully matured yet. I wasn’t ready to leave Adobes shackles. By now I am more than ready to give something else a try. It took me a number of weeks before I had the time (and heart) to get my feet wet in a totally new drawing environment (other than Photoshop or Illustrator). I thought I was likely to spend days just getting my head around the way things were done. But that was not the case.

I made this concrete block in all of about 30 minutes, no joke! I mimicked the steps in one of there demo movies from memory (since the movies can’t be paused) and got some fairly convincing results in a half hour. Try that the with someone who’s never used Photoshop before… pftpftpft! Yeah right!

DrawIt just makes sense. It doesn’t focus so much on the tools as opposed to what you can do with each object or layer once it’s drawn. Every adjustment is non destructive and quickly undoable. Everything is fast, drop, drag, tweak, drop, drag, tweak… This truly is a designers application. Please [check it out](http://bohemiancoding.com/ “Bohemian Coding”).

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Adam Merrifield


3 thoughts on “30 Minutes With DrawIt

  1. Wicked! Great perspective, and shadowing. I’ve been using DrawIt for a while, and love it. Between this, VectorDesigner, and PixelMator, I’m set.

    DrawIt was just in the MacBundleBox.. Shame you didn’t have time to do this a few days ago.. Nicely done nevertheless, and great write up!

  2. Looks awesome. Iam a big fan of DrawIt from Bohemian Coding. They also devellop a great Font application called Fontcase.
    DrawIt is for me the perfect application in combination whit all those other great ones like Vectordesigner and offcourse Adove Illustrator.

  3. Now this might get me excited again. Illustrator never did. The app, now owned by Google, Sketchup was one of the only ones learned a bit about (BG – before google). I used it to draw details of custom swimming pool edges and such.

    I saw Drawit at MWSF along with some other candidates. Now if I could just remember what they were… mmmmmmm.

    Nice work Adam.

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