The #canadianmusicfind Twitter Movement

I am passionate about music and I am passionate about Canada so it goes without saying that I am especially passionate about Canadian music. Well in light of last nights [Juno Awards]( “2009 JUNO Awards”) and my wife’s lack of familiarity with most of the names on the show, I thought perhaps it’s time to start a [Twitter]( “Twitter: What are you doing?”) movement, [#canadianmusicfind]( “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”) to seek out some great Canadian music that perhaps are not as well known as they should be.

To participate is easy. All you need is a [Twitter]( “Twitter: What are you doing?”) account, the name of some awesome Canadian bands or musicians, a URL to more info about them and the tag “#canadianmusicfind”. In a 144 characters or less, tweet the name of the band, the link and the tag and others will be able find out more about the Canadian music you are currently enjoying.

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