Remembering XRAY

XRAY sees through the DOM tree cruftEvery once in a while you test a tool and think to yourself, “I need to come back to that one when it matures”. The trouble is you never do… unless someone reminds you of it!

Thanks to “mcfinn” in my [seyDesign Member Group]( “membership | support | seyDesign Professional RapidWeaver themes”) I was reminded of a cool tool, [XRAY]( “XRAY :: for web developers”), for analyzing the box model of any element on a web page with the click of a button. XRAY, a bookmarklet, is a quick and tidy way of grabbing some DOM info without having to wade through the whole DOM tree like FireBug and WebKits developer tools.

While the XRAY bookmarklet isn’t as powerful tool as FireBug, and it doesn’t have editing capabilities, it is very handy for quickly and accurately pointing out the styles effecting a specific element on a page. Just click the bookmarklet, then click on the elements you want inspected.

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