Got some old tracks over yonder

The first real band I had formed, along with my step dad, some time around 1995-96 or so, went by the name (I think) of Tom Houghton & The Firestorm. I honestly don’t remember how we came to know any of the band members but I do remember each of them by name:

  • Tom Houghton (vocals)
  • Adam Merrifield (lead guitar, harmonica)
  • Ryan Davidson (second guitar)
  • Sam Ogilvie (bass)
  • Dwayne Cousineau (drums)

The band was short lived, very distracted, very misguided, but we did hang out long enough to do a dozen gigs or so and lay down some crude tracks in the studio. While this band didn’t last long, my step dad and I met our future and long time keyboardist, Gavin Smith, through the sister of Mr. Houghton.

From a 1997 indie recording, Jimi Hendrix’ Red House: