A better way to CMS with RapidWeaver

There are some tools that come along and everyone just sighs, “How did we ever get along without this?”

Stacks from YourHead Software is one of those tools that made RapidWeaver more complete then we ever knew it needed to be. What makes Stacks so amazing is that it is what ever it needs to be to whoever needs it. So far it’s been a power layout tool of endless shapes and sizes, an ExtraContent device, and RSS scraper, a Twitter badge, a media player… and now, thanks to Joe Workman, a CMS.

A Content Management System (CMS) allows clients to edit their content after their web design/development staff has published the site. So far there have been only a handful of attempts to bring CMS to the RapidWeaver platform; WebYep and PlusKit’s @gdoc(()) implementation. The former requires site licensing and the latter rely’s on Google ever changing Google Docs API.

Now there is a CushyCMS(free) implementation built into a Stacks Library item (or Stacks plugin) available from Joe Workman. By simple dragging a CushyCMS stack onto your stacks page, anything you drop into that CushyCMS stack will be editable on the client side.