#canadianmusicfind for April 14th

Lots of great music for the April 14th showing of [#canadianmusicfind](http://search.twitter.com/search?q=canadianmusicfind “canadianmusicfind – Twitter Search”):

* [Cal Batchelor](http://www.calbatchelor.com/ “Cal Batchelor Official Website”)
* [RUSH](http://www.rush.com/ “RUSH – Official Website”)
* [Tom Cochrane](http://www.tomcochrane.com/ “Tom Cochrane”)
* [Cowboy Mimes](http://cowboymimes.com/home.html “Cowboy Mimes”)
* [Dianna Krall](http://www.dianakrall.com/ “Diana Krall Official Site | Verve Music Group”)
* [Ron Sexsmith](http://www.ronsexsmith.com/ “The Official Community of Ron Sexsmith”)
* [Leonard Cohen](http://www.leonardcohen.com/ “LEONARD COHEN”)
* See Bruce Cockburn, Colin Linden, Jesse Cook and Madagascar Slim [give lessons on CBC’s Radio 2](http://bit.ly/gE9t5 “Maven Player”)
* [Bruce Cockburn](http://www.brucecockburn.com/ “Welcome to Bruce Cockburn online, the official homepage! (under construction)”)
* [Madagascar Slim](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madagascar_Slim “Madagascar Slim – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”)
* [Jesse Cook](http://www.jessecook.com/ “Welcome to the official Jesse Cook web site!”)

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