Rapidweaver Classroom Relaunches With Some seyDoggy Flair

RapidWeaver Classroom launches with a new siteThere are so many cases when a developer can feel proud; new product launches, mention in the media, collaboration with other developers and so on… but nothing can quite compare to seeing your work and efforts brilliantly used in a manner that really make you look good. That’s the case for me today when I saw the relaunch of the popular site and RapidWeaver resource, [RapidWeaver Classroom](http://www.rapidweaverclassroom.com/ “RapidWeaver Classroom | Learn RapidWeaver with Screencast Lessons and Video Tutorials”).

Ryan and I have worked closely together in the past. He’s created some tutorial movies for us and we have both been active in cross promoting each others services. Ryan is an absolute wizard when it comes to RapidWeaver usage and his students say his approach is kind, patient and always measured. So when Ryan asked if I could create a custom theme for his new site, I jumped at the opportunity.

Ryan knew exactly what he wanted and being the expert in RapidWeaver that he is, I knew he would have no trouble expressing his needs. We had a working draft in about a days time and we were able to nail down the final version in very little time.

Now that I have seen the final result, I can see why Ryan’s students sing his praises. He is truly a consummate professional in RapidWeaver circles.

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