RapidWeaver Takes Top Honors

Late last week RapidWeaver by Realmac Software took top honors in a group review found in the June issue MacFormat. This well deserved bestowing of kudos comes at a time when RapidWeaver’s development seems to be kicking into high gear with the release of version 4.2.3;
> We’re absolutely thrilled to see RapidWeaver take the honours in a large group test, and to keep people weaving even more rapidly, we’re also releasing RapidWeaver 4.2.3 today – an update that we strongly encourage all RapidWeaver 4.2.2 users to download. This update fixes a number of issues, including linking to blog posts and assets, as well as significant improvements in memory usage when saving files.

This is the exact sort of thing that allows us to be full time RapidWeaver theme developers. It’s the care and attention that Realmac Software puts into it’s products, not only making them look good but addressing the needs of their users and continually pushing to make the product better all the time.

RapidWeaver takes the gold

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